Smart Water Use for Smart Cities

This team will work with researchers from CE, EEE, and IE to model and visualize industrial water use.


  • Dr. Ting Liu, Environmental and Ecological Engineering


Water is centrally important to sustainability: it supports human societal needs and the natural environment, and powers the growth of economic sectors, geographic regions, and cities. Data science should be harnessed to better understand how much and where water is consumed. The team’s main activities will be developing methods to quantify and model industrial water consumption at fine spatial and industry-sector resolution, visualize the results with geographic information systems, and interpret the impacts of water consumption on the urban environment.

Relevant Technologies:

  • Spatial data analysis and visualization
  • Water resources engineering
  • Optimization and statistical analysis  


  • Proficiency with programming in Python, experience with ArcGIS or similar programs.
  • Preferred: experience with building engineering statistical models

Meeting Times:

Spring 2021: TBA