This team will work on semiconductor materials and device fabrication and characterization at Birck Nanotechnology Center

Faculty Mentors:

  • Zhihong Chen
  • Pramey Upadhyaya
  • Saeed Mohammadi
  • Joerg Appenzeller
  • Peter Bermel


In this project, student teams will design and implement sets of experiments suitable for statistical process analysis during various phases of micro/nano-fabrication process development.  Each team will address one or more unit process steps or a process integration challenge defined in collaboration with Microelectronics faculty and graduate students at the Birck Nanotechnology Center.  The student team will implement and document fabrication steps and analysis techniques, including definition of process parameter space, design of test patterns for monitoring key material/performance parameters, characterization approaches and statistical analysis of both process parameters and electrical test results. Example projects are 1) Focused Ultrasound for Neural Stimulation; 2) Quantum Metrology for New-Era Electronics; 3) Radiation-Hardened Electronics; 4) Novel Materials and Devices for Advanced Logic/Memory/Interconnect Applications; 5) Heterogeneous Integration; and 6) Sustainable Manufacturing Process for Multi-Dimensional Electronic Systems

Relevant Technologies:

Semiconductor materials synthesis, device fabrication and characterization, device and reliability physics

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills:

  • Electrical Engineering Fundamentals I/II

Meeting times:

  • Spring 2023 - Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:20 PM, Birck 1001