RODETUR (Rotating Detonation Combustor - Turbine Rig)

This team will complete the mechanical design towards a continuous operation of a turbine coupled with a rotating detonation combustor. Predict the performance of the turbine-combustor during transients.



The primary objective is to enable the continuous operation of a rotating detonation combustor – turbine with a film cooled solution. Complete the coupling between the turbine and a compressor utilized as braking system, ensure adequate balancing. Evaluate the overall system response. Complete Finite element analysis, and explore other cooling systems. Complete the manufacturing plan. This project will run in cooperation with TU Darmstadt.

Relevant Technologies:

  • Gas turbine engine propulsion
  • Thermal systems
  • System response and measurement technology


  • Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat transfer.
  • CAD

Meeting Times:

Spring 2021: TBA