Race to Zero (R2Z)

The goal of this VIP Global "Race to Zero" program seeks to integrate hydrogen fuel cell technologies into the design of a net-zero energy building and is inspired by the United Nations Climate Change "Race to Zero" campaign.



The “Race-to-Zero” initiative provided the inspiration for a Virtual Experiential Intercultural Learning student design project. This multi-semester project is an international collaboration between two Peruvian universities, La Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología and La Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería and Purdue University. The goal is to integrate hydrogen fuel cell technologies with a solar photovoltaic microgrid for a proposed mining operation in Peru. Phase One focusses on the system integration of the remote solar photovoltaic microgrid for the trolley charging system of the fleet of electric-drive mining haul trucks. Phase Two focusses on the conversion of the diesel electric-drive to hydrogen fuel cell electric-drive mining vehicles. Phase Three might focus on powertrain architecture changes.

Website:  https://unfccc.int/climate-action/race-to-zero-campaign

Relevant Technologies:

  • Renewable Energy Microgrids
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrains
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Technologies

Meeting Times:

  • Fall 2021: TBA 
  • Spring 2022: TBA