Quantum Algorithm Development

The team collaborates with IQPARC@Purdue and industry partners to create educational demonstrations and develop algorithms involving quantum information and science.



The team aims to educate interested students about quantum information and technology through peer-to-peer learning and both short and long-term projects centered on quantum computing. Starting with the basics of quantum computing and familiar algorithms, the team will help students develop a solid mathematical foundation while building intuition in the field. The team has partnered with Xanadu and will be developing programs using Xanadu's PennyLane. As the main deliverable, the team plans to create a functional demonstration or toolbox for quantum computation that has both educational and research value. Final reports will be peer-reviewed and published on Xanadu's community page. Possible project areas include physics, machine learning, and graph theory.

Relevant Technologies:

  • Quantum computation
  • Data visualization
  • Optimization

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills:

  • Probability and statistics, Discrete math, Linear Algebra, Python