Quantum Algorithm Development

The team collaborates with IQPARC@Purdue and industry partners to create educational demonstrations and develop algorithms involving quantum information and science.



The team aims to educate interested students about quantum information and technology through peer-to-peer learning and both short and long-term projects centered on quantum computing. Starting with the basics of quantum computing and familiar algorithms, the team will help students develop a solid mathematical foundation while building intuition in the field. One of the team's objectives is to prepare students for the "IBM Certified Associate Developer - Quantum Computation using Qiskit v0.2X" certification exam. As the main deliverable, the team plans to create a functional demonstration or toolbox for quantum computation that has both educational and research value. Possible project areas include physics, machine learning, and graph theory.

Relevant Technologies:

  • Quantum computation
  • Data visualization
  • Optimization

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills:

  • Probability and statistics, Discrete math, Linear Algebra, Python

Meeting time: