Purdue Solar Racing (PSR)

PSR mixes aerodynamics with solar energy and mechanical design to build a solar powered car to race across America.



Purdue Solar Racing's (PSR) main goals are to design, build, and test solar powered vehicles to race in national competitions. Through the project, PSR aims to create sustainably driven engineers through our diverse sub-teams. With work in aerodynamic and CFD simulations, to encapsulating solar panels for high efficiency, the team is working to reducing the impact of transportation on global warming by proving the possibility of a carbon neutral vehicle. We are driven by our passion to have an impact on the world and its future. Our goal to reach the American Solar Challenge in 2024 will vouch to the team’s success and rebirth.  


Relevant Technologies:

Solar energy (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Aerodynamics (CFD), Mechanical Engineering (FEA)

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills:

Preferred but not required: Communication skills, CAD, FEM, CFD, manufacturing

Meeting times:

  • Spring 2023 - Tuesdays, 6:00 pm & Saturdays, 10:30 am