Program Analysis as a Service

The goal of this team is to develop an analysis platform for analyzing computer programs and making it available as a service.


Aravind Machiry

Yung-Hsiang Lu


The primary goal of the team is to develop an efficient and configurable code analysis platform that will be available as an online service.

Such a platform helps in effective learning of various programming languages and also could act as a grading platform for programming assignments.

The platform also provides an efficient way to collect program samples that could enable machine learning techniques.

We also develop tools based on statistical analysis and machine learning that could be used to understand common coding errors, most used coding patterns, or other information that could guide language design and provide ideas for automated error detection tools.

Relevant Technologies:

  • Web programming 
  • Software testing and analysis 
  • Cloud computing


At least one programming class

Meeting Time:

Summer 2021 - MW @ 3:30 pm (online synchronous)

Fall 2021 - Fridays 3:30-4:20 pm (online synchronous)