Purdue Aerial Robotics Team (PART)

PART 2021 Team Photo
Purdue Aerial Robotics Team (PART): This team works with the IEEE chapter's PART committee to develop autonomous UAV platforms with computer vision and machine learning applications.



The Purdue Aerial Robotics Team is a competitive, multidisciplinary engineering design program to develop an autonomous UAV platform for the AUVSI-SUAS Competition. The team designs the airframe, avionics, imaging and data transmission system, and the ground control stations with associated software for autonomous operation. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to solve problems and further develop their technical design experience. This project has many real-world applications including search-and-rescue, surveillance, emergency first-response, and payload delivery.

PART website: https://www.purdueaerial.com/

Relevant Technologies:

  • Computer vision, autonomous robotics, aerospace engineering design

Pre-requisite knowledge, skills, and/or courses:

  • Basic aerodynamics, mechanical design, CAD, FEA/CFD, Python, Javascript, C/C++, ROS, PX4, computer vision, machine learning, and/or general engineering design.

* VIP 27920, sophomore level, requires department permission to register.

Meeting time:

  • Fall 2022 - Monday, 6:30 - 8:15 pm