Operations Research (ORSOL)

Operations Research (ORSOL) This team will work with industrial stakeholders to build prototype analytical solutions.



Operations Research (OR) also known as Management Science, is a discipline that deals with the development and application of advanced analytical methods to improve decision-making. Employing techniques from modeling, statistics, and optimization, OR arrives at optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex decision-making problems.

In this team, students will have the opportunity to work closely with industrial stakeholders on critical problems like healthcare, transportation, finance, energy and manufacturing systems. They would be able to identify problems, define the objective function and constraints, formulate models, prepare the data to feed into the model, test alternative solution to evaluate the objective value, and implement solutions in software.

The purpose of this team is to explore feasible answers, develop and implement analytical prototypes that bring values to customers. Students will be able to learn the basics in optimization model building and data analytics, implement optimization models in software (both commercial and open source), develop heuristic algorithms, gain industrial domain knowledge, and communicate with real customers.    

Relevant Technologies:

  • Mathematical programming
  • Data Science

Pre-Requisite Knowledge/Skills:

  • Basic programming skills preferred.