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Computer Vision for Forest Inventory Analysis (CVFIA)

This team will create a system that can perform CVFIA automatically.



Forest inventory is the process of evaluating a forest’s condition. The value of a tree can vary dramatically by its size, species, shape, and many other parameters. Tree geneticists need to know which trees are the best candidates for the next generation, and commercial foresters need to know when to harvest their lumber. This information can be inferred from computer vision techniques. Currently, the survey of individual trees is time-consuming and expensive due to the lack of widespread adoption of accurate, low-cost remote sensing solutions.

This team is creating an algorithm to process stereo video footage from cameras equipped with motion sensors to acquire and analyze individual tree data as well as construct 3D reconstructions. The team's goal is to create a low-cost, accurate system to obtain rich, individual tree information below the canopy. In addition to measurements, a long term monitoring system for plots is being developed.

Meeting Times

  • Spring 2022: TBA
  • Summer 2022: TBA

Publications and Videos

Eliopoulos, Nicholas J., et al. “Rapid Tree Diameter Computation with Terrestrial Stereoscopic Photogrammetry.”  Journal of Forestry, Volume 118, Issue 4, July 2020, Pages 355-361.

Forest Inventory Analysis Using Stereo Cameras with Computer Vision Video