Bio-Inspired Digital Twins

Bio-inspired digital twins (BioTwins) - The team will continue previous work on bio-inspired designs of the morpho butterfly and snake skin to update functional designs, manufacture, and test bio-inspired structures.



Build on the previous work and knowledge on snake skin and morpho butterflies design architecture

Validate the digitized designs through modeling and testing. Specific goals and activities include:

  1. Use Multiphysics modeling (intended tool – Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE suite) for model validation and customizing graded functions.
  2. Manufacture and test the functionality of graded digital designs

Complete the analysis for a project report to be submitted as a manuscript to undergraduate research journal (JPUR)

Relevant Technologies:

  • Bio-inspired design
  • Multiphysics modeling
  • Manufacturing


  • Engineering design; Ethics;
  • High school senior level fundamentals of physics, chemistry, biology, and math. 
  • Ability to learn, implement new skills and collaborate with others to ensure continued progress. 

Meeting Time:

Fall 2021 - TBD