ABC-PV: Agri, Building, Car Integrated Solar Photovoltaics

ABC-PV: The survival of our planet depends on, among other things, the effective generation and use of renewable energy. In this project, we will explore experimentally and theoretically how solar modules can be integrated with cities, cars, building, agricultural land, to create a vast/vibrant energy resource for the humanity.

Faculty Mentors:


Renewable energy plays an important role in reducing global warming, water/air pollution, and land degradation, etc.  We have created a mini-solar farm (with cloud integration and an automated data-acquisition system) that can serve as a test-bed for many Dual-use Photovoltaics (e.g. Agro-Photovoltaics, Car-Integrated PV, Building-integrated PV, Wind-turbine integrated PV, and so on).  Eventually, the mini-farm design should be downloadable (including software and key design components), so that students interested in renewable energy technology  anywhere in the world can use it as a free educational resource and upload location-specific data source for the benefit of everyone.


Relevant Technologies:

  • Computer vision and 3D CAD modeling
  • Micro-controller based hardware design and experiments,
  • Plant genetics and statistical design of experiments

Pre-requisite knowledge/skills:

Basic background with any of the topics will be helpful: Computer coding, micro-controller programming, electronic design, plant genetics, or statistical data analysis, machine learning, etc. One can apply even without specific backgroud, so that one can learn while doing the project.