Digital Forest Measurement

DFM: Digital Forest Measurements team will collect ground measurements, set up permanent plots, and compile existing ground and digital datasets for the ArborAmerica Walnut Thinning test plots near West Point, IN. This builds upon work that a previous student has already done on the sites.



This effort is to prepare the site for three intermediate deliverables:

  1. Create a focal area for testing of new digital platforms (Uncrewed Aerial Systems [UAS ie, drones] equipped with a variety of sensors and imaging systems).
  2. Collect preliminary data for a walnut thinning being implemented in March 2024.  The intent is to monitor responses in this silvicultural trial completely with UAS imagery and UAS/backpack lidar data. 
  3. Assess the effectiveness of repeatedly measured digital data for tracking growth and carbon sequestration within managed plantations.