Allegion - Improving Battery Life in IoT Security Solutions

Alle-IoT: Allegion Improving Battery Life in IoT Security Solutions team. In some security/access control applications, wired power may be unavailable or may require expensive wiring installation. Often the preferred solution is battery powered. Although battery life continues to improve with more efficient technologies and sophisticated power moding, there is always a desire to extend further. Energy sources other than the primary cell need to be considered to extend battery life.


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Energy harvesting technologies are becoming more popular, efficient, cost effective and integrated, there is an increasing opportunity to utilize them in access control to supplement the primary cell (battery). Examples include solar, piezoelectric, thermal, micro generators, RF (like NFC) and many more. Often, these include mechanical features that needs integrated into the product. Although, many of these technologies can be used to extend battery life under ideal “lab” conditions, when applied to the real world, they start to fall apart. Creating a robust, repeatable solution will require a system level approach and thoughtful consideration of the environmental requirements. System requirements can include cost, mechanical constraints and repeatability. Environmental considerations include lighting (interior/exterior), usage profile (if dependent on user motion input), etc. Algorithms (machine learning & artificial intelligence) for power management will be critical. A combination of technologies may be needed. This may include evaluating an energy storage device.

Relevant Technologies:

  • Energy Harvesting
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning,
  • Embedded Systems
  • IoT
  • Physical Security
  • Access Control
  • Electrical Hardware
  • Firmware (embedded software)

Pre-requisite knowledge/skills:

  • Computer Programming