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Group Leaders and Group Commanders

Group Leaders

Group Leaders guide the participants to each of their events safely.

Group Leaders will have the most time with any set of kids and have the ultimate job of keeping their kids pumped up and excited throughout the day. Think you have what it takes?


Group Commander Job Description

General Information

  • In addition to the Group Leader responsibilities, the Group Commander's job is to coordinate the Group Leaders for one of the 24 groups of children:
    • Assign 6-8 students to each Group Leader
    • Oversee homeroom Check-in and Check-out
    • Coordinate creation of Group Poster
    • Group Commanders will serve as main point of contact for all Group Leaders and are responsible for training them


Group Leader Job Description

General Information

  • Children attending the program are enrolled in grades 3-8 and are split into the following groups with each group having 6 Group Leaders:
    • Grades 3-4: 9 groups of approx. 40 children
    • Grades 5-6: 9 groups of approx. 40 children
    • Grades 7-8: 6 groups of approx. 30 children
  • The Group Leader's job is to be in charge of one of the 24 groups of children
    • Lead them from homeroom to the astronaut presentation
    • Escort them from each activity session and homeroom period
    • Ensure their safety while on campus
  • Group Leaders act as role models, so please make sure they have a great day and leave with positive impressions
  • Group Leaders are responsible for the children the entire day with the exception of the lunch period
  • Mission Control is your backup
    • They are stationed at an information table in ARMS and is the first resource for lost and found and other general information
    • Any latecomers to the event day will be checked in at Mission Control and brought to you
    • They will also manage your no show list at the beginning of the day to help ensure those children get to the right room at the right time
    • First Aid kits are readily available, and Mission Control can bring them to you
  • You will be given a roster of your children which is FINAL
    • Do not add any children to your group
    • Any changes in enrollment can only be done by the PSD Coordinator
    • This is a safety issue as is NOT NEGOTIABLE

Contact with Parents

  • Remind parents when they drop off their child to your homeroom that this is the only room they will be able to check in and check out their child for the remainder of the day - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Remind parents of when they will need to be there to pick up and drop off their child for lunch and final dismissal
  • Ensure all children are signed out at lunch and at the end of the day - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Parents are allowed to stay with their children throughout the day, so please accommodate them
    • If they need to take their child to the restroom, please make sure they communicate with a Group Leader
  • Some parents may try to take over tasks during the activates, so please gently point out that the activity is for the child and the child will benefit the most from doing the activity themselves
    • Some children may have special needs and will be the exception to this rule

Bathroom Breaks

  • Fit in plenty of bathroom breaks throughout the day
    • Even more important for the younger children
    • Make sure you have a bathroom break before the astronaut presentation since it is an hour long
  • Escort all children to and from the bathroom

Lost Children


Lost Property

  • Make sure that the children take their belongings with them with each move
  • Any lost property must be taken to Mission Control

Behavioral Issues

  • Do not tolerate bad behavior such as verbal or physical aggression
  • Do not tolerate children who leave the group
  • Give a verbal warning that this will not be tolerated. If this issue persists, please contact the Director of Groups.
    • A decision between the Director of Groups and the PSD Coordinator will then be made regarding punishment - this may range from a timeout to expulsion

Group Posters

  • Group posters are used as a rallying point and will be made from poster board (supplied) with the name of the group and relevant art work. Be as colorful and creative as possible.
  • Each group is named in conjunction with the theme for the year. Please work with the Assistant Director of Groups to ensure you have all the details regarding your group name.
  • Both sides of the poster board to be covered - this is how your children will see you.
  • The best poster will be recognized at the Wrap Party at the end of the day.


  • Each group has a Homeroom where each group will:
    • Start the day - check in begins at 8:00 am and parents will bring their kids to you after checking in with Mission Control
    • Receive their goody bag and nametag - all materials will be in your homeroom when you get there
    • Conduct roll call at the beginning of the day and give the list of no shows to Mission Control
    • Return from Activity Session 1 for lunch
    • Start again after lunch for Activity Session 2.
    • Return after group photos with VIP to be signed out by parents for the end of the day.
      • Please have the children fill out their evaluation forms at the end of their booklets before leaving
  • Have an activity for them to do during downtimes.
    • They have some extra activates in their booklets
    • You may show them age appropriate videos about space - all homerooms have iTap computers and projectors available for use

Goody Bags

  • The kids will be given a goody bag and nametag during their first homeroom period
  • These bags are pre-assembled and will be labeled and waiting for you upon arrival
  • They will contain:
    • Activity Booklet with details about the event, activities, evaluation form, and some fun extras
    • PSD pencil or pen
    • Autographed photo of the VIP astronaut (please do not allow other crew or children to ask for their autograph since they will already be receiving it)
    • Nametag which includes information regarding the child's name, group, homeroom, chaperone, and emergency contact information

Group Leader Clipboards

  • Group Leaders will be provided clipboards at the beginning of the day that will contain the following:
    • Sign in/sign out sheets
    • Group roster that lists the details of each student along with their parent and chaperone contact information
    • Cell phone tree that lists all phone numbers for the Executive Board, Mission Control, PSD Coordinator, Group Leaders and Activity Heads
    • Seating chart for Elliott Hall of Music
    • Campus map
    • Agenda
    • Wristbands for the kids to wear to aid in group identification
  • The information contained on the clipboards will also be provided in electronic form

Inclement Weather

  • Parents are told to bring appropriate clothing for their children for the event day. We do NOT have a rain location, so PSD continues rain or shine.
  • Make sure the children do not forget their coats or umbrellas in their homerooms, activity locations, etc.


  • In the event of an emergency, please follow the directions of emergency services and remember your safety training from the Dry Run (which you are required to attend)