INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

Engaging STEM Education for the State of Indiana

Terre Haute Children's Museum: Middle School students invited to Superhero Party

Watch for the Up Coming 16-17 Scholarship/Fellowship Application from INSGC

Scholarship applications are accepted from December 1, 2015 through February 26, 2016.

Student Experiments on Int'l Space Station: Grades 5-16 STEM Opportunity in February 2016

Stusent Spaceflight Experimatns Program - Mission 10 to the International Space Station

NASA Visits Purdue

This past week NASA visited Purdue University to announce the Purdue Systems Collaboratory. Charles Bolden visited from NASA to help with laying out the structure.

Student Spaceflight Experiments Program: SSEP Understanding Weightlessness

SSEP Mission 9 to ISS Student Researchers - A Challenge for the Start of Program: Understanding Weightlessness - You Want Me to Take a Bathroom Scale Where?

Upcoming Events at Evansville Museum of Arts

Terre Haute Children's Museum: Paint & Play

Terre Haute Children's Museum: Christmas in Septmeber

Sponsor a brick at the Terre Haute Children's Museum. Get your brick engraved before Christmas, as well as more perks. Read more about Christmas in September here.

NASA's Robotic Mining Competition for 2016

For Collegiate Affiliates

Purdue Lunabotics Finished Second in 2015 NASA Robotic Mining Competition

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