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Activity Heads

Activity Heads

Activity heads lead the activities that the kids will be participating in. Your enthusiasm is essential in keep the kids engaged and excited about the science and engineering they are about to experience! 


Detailed Job Description and Instructions

General Information

  • Each activity should have fun and intellectually challenging content with a difficulty that is appropriate for the age group
    • The children are split into the following age ranges:
      • Grades 3-4
      • Grades 5-6
      • Grades 7-8
  • Arrange to meet with their assigned crew and train them on activity prior to the Dry Run
  • Run the activity both at the Dry Run and the Event Day
  • Ensure the activity is adequately supplied and runs smoothly for each rotation
  • Oversee activity cleanup at the end of the Dry Run and Event Day



  • A STEM related hands-on activity that lasts 50 minutes
  • Must have a PowerPoint or similar presentation that explains the activity in its entirety including both the objective and instructions
  • Ensure activity materials are requested and acquired
  • Complete the crew evaluation via Qualtrics once it has been distributed


Activity Crew Management

  • Lead and direct the Activity Crew to ensure a successful activity during each of the three rotations
  • Activity Heads will serve as the main point of contact for all Activity Crew and are responsible for training them in their specific roles


Dry Run

  • The Dry Run is intended to be a full dress rehearsal of PSD and takes place one week before the Event Day, usually on a Friday evening
  • The Activity Head must train their crew prior to the Dry Run
  • Attendance at the Dry Run is required
    • Contact Activity Crew before Dry Run to ensure full attendance and report any issues to the Assistant Director of Activities
  • Activity must be fully functioning by the Dry Run and will be demonstrated for all in attendance



  • Verify all supplies are in place by the end of the Dry Run so they are ready to go for the Event Day
    • If any new needs arise during the Dry Run, please be sure to report them to the Assistant Director of Activities so they may be obtained prior to the Event Day
  • If extra supplies are needed on the Event Day, please contact the Assistant Director of Activities who will work with Mission Control to get them delivered to you


Mission Control is your backup

  • They are stationed at an information table in ARMS and is the first resource for lost and found and other general information
  • Any latecomers will be checked in at MC and then be brought to the group wherever they are on campus
  • First Aid kits are readily available, and Mission Control can bring them to you