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Purdue Space Day Rules & Safety

Safety Training

The Executive Board and volunteers who run Purdue Space Day plan the day in order to keep all participants safe and happy. All crew members go through a safety training session on campus safety with a member of the Purdue University Police Department. We recruited over 450 volunteer crew members for Purdue Space Day to ensure that we have enough people on hand to make Purdue Space Day not only a fun day for your child but safe as well.

Although none of the activities found at Purdue Space Day pose any danger, Activity Heads are aware of any circumstances necessitating safety precautions when leading groups through activities (i.e. during the egg drop, children are not permitted to drop egg landers out of a campus window themselves; PSD crew do this and the grade school students watch from a safe distance on the ground with their group leaders).

Mission Control, the central group of coordinators who ensure Purdue Space Day runs smoothly, works throughout the day to ensure that students remain safely with their assigned groups and can find a group leader or parent if necessary. Mission Control is based in the atrium of Armstrong Hall and they can answer any question about locations, times of each session etc.

If you have any questions regarding safety, please email Purdue Space Day Executive Board at

Please note that students need to provide their own lunch for the day and are required to have an adult chaperone for the lunch period.

Note to Parents

Parents, Purdue Space Day allows children the opportunity to learn about space in a fun and engaging environment. Parents are welcome to join their children on the day of the event, especially if you feel your child may have trouble following any of our rules. That being said, we encourage you to sit back and watch your children do the activities on their own so that they can get the most out of their Purdue Space Day experience. Group Leaders have the authority and are expected to enact disciplinary measures when necessary. Barring any physical violence or bullying, children who misbehave will be presented with an official warning from their leader and, if the behavior continues, further disciplinary measures will be taken, such as being taken out of activities or having their parents called to take them home.

Purdue Space Day has a zero tolerance policy for physical violence and/or bullying, and any offender will be immediately isolated from other participants until his or her parents arrive to take them home.


In order to ensure the best Purdue Space Day experience for all involved, we on the Purdue Space Day Executive Board ask all parents to please explain the following rules to your children before arriving for the day:

  1. Keep your hands to yourself
  2. Treat everyone with respect at all times
  3. Respect the proprerty of those around you and the Purdue campus
  4. Listen to your Group Leaders and stay with them at all times
  5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN