Purdue Fall Space Day

Activities for Grades 7 and 8

Catapult and Aircraft Launcher: Activity Head: Purdue EPICS team
A catapult is a weapon used in the dark ages to throw rocks at entrenched positions. Purdue EPICS – Engineering Projects in Community Service, has worked to bring both the thrill and science of flinging projectiles to students. The students will alter characteristics of the catapult, such as launch angle and force, to hit targets and understand the effects of these characteristics on trajectory. The aircraft launcher teaches students about the different variables that affect flight. Concepts of lift, drag, and thrust will be discussed and then applied through interacting with the plane and its launcher, providing a fun and educational experience for the students. For more information about EPICS, visit the EPICS web site.

ISS Emergency: Activity Heads: Joe Whitman and Lauren Reuland

There is an emergency on the International Space Station and they need your help! There was a leak and now smoke is going to fill the air. Work as a team to find the best solution to stop the leak, learn how real engineering is done, and save the day!

Water Rockets: Activity Head: Marat Kulakhmetov 
What if someone told you that you could launch a rocket with air, would you believe them? How about one with water? When we think about rockets, we think about things like the space shuttle. It burns a huge amount of rocket fuel that fills the area with smoke. This obviously is more powerful than air or water powered rockets, but what makes the rocket move? It’s not the fuel, it’s the physics! Today, each student will build their own rocket that uses pressurized air and water to propel it through flight.  After the build session, the students will test their rocket by launching them outdoors.