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Visit Purdue University's Reactor Number One (PUR-1)

Did you know that the School of Nuclear Engineering is home to Indiana's first and only nuclear reactor?

An image of the reactor when it is active with a blue glow
Cerenkov Radiation "The Blue Glow"

Light produced by electrons traversing the water at a speed greater than the speed of light in water. Cerenkov radiation looks much like a glowing ball of water or plasma around the reactor core.









Reactor Tour - group standing around the reactor

Reactor Tour Information

Due to some exciting renovations and upgrades to the reactor and the Electrical Engineering building, we are currently unable to offer tours of the facility. We will begin scheduling tours for the Fall of 2017 in January. Please feel free to reach out at that time to see the exciting new controls and instrumentation of PUR-1.

We are also happy to give lectures on radiation principles, common natural sources of radiation, and nuclear energy. To arrange a tour, please send an email with potential visit date(s), number of individuals, and contact information to