BioElectrics and ElectroPhysics (BEEP) Lab

The BioElectrics and ElectroPhysics (BEEP) Lab explores the interaction of intense electromagnetic radiation (electric pulses, plasmas, and lasers) with materials, particularly biological cells and tissues.  Current research topics of interest include:

  1. Spectroscopy of cold atmospheric pressure plasmas to measure generated reactive species for food treatment and combustion.
  2. Application of pulsed electric fields to induce differentiation and proliferation of stem cells and activation of platelets.
  3. Measurement of changes in electrical properties of pulsed biological cells to elucidate pore formation and ion flow.
  4. Mathematical modeling of membrane dynamics during and after electric pulse application, including temperature gradients, pore formation, and ion flow.
  5. Mathematical modeling of discharge formation for microscale and smaller gaps at atmospheric pressure to predict breakdown for novel applications in MEMS, combustion, and field emission.
  6. Mathematical modeling of tumor growth and development under various nutrient condition and in the presence of cancer treatment modalities, such as plasmas and electric pulses.

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 BioElectrics and ElectroPhysics Laboratory


Dr. Allen Garner