Purdue University's Alpha Nu Sigma Honor Society Inducts 26 New Members

Monday April 24th, 2023, Purdue University's Alpha Nu Sigma held a banquet to induct 17 undergraduate and 9 graduate students into the prestigious honor society.

The event took place at The Whittaker Inn, in West Lafayette, Indiana. Dr. Stylianos Chatzidakis, Alpha Nu Sigma’s Faculty Advisor and Dr. Seungjin Kim, Head of Purdue’s School of Nuclear Engineering, welcomed and congratulated the 26 honorees. Once dinner commenced, Tyler Ray and Jackson Wolf, Alpha Nu Sigma’s President and Vice President, recognized each student for their achievement and welcomed them into the honor society. Dinner and certificates were graciously funded by Dr. Kim and the Purdue University Nuclear Engineering Deparatment.

Congratulations to Alpha Nu Sigma’s new members!


Undergraduate Students

Allison Marie Komrska

Dylan Andrew Kohler

Hanne Lucido

Jack Cowan

Jacob Davis

Jake Joseph Halford Marr

Lucas Ugolini San Martin

Peter Blaise Suarez

Trent Bloor

Trevor George Hylen

Andrew J. Bergeon

Benjamin Cook Billett

Morgan Smith

Nathaniel R. Tollett

Samuel John Wyss

Susan Huster

Sophia E Shick


Graduate Students

Adam J. Dix

Bailey Christensen

Charie A. Tsoukalas

Haoxuan Wang

Konstantinos Gkouliaras

Maria Pantopoulou

Muhammad Rizki Oktavian

Reshma Sanjay Ughade

William Richards