NE students win major awards as the fall semester is underway

Undergraduate and graduate students at the School of Nuclear Engineering have won several prestigious scholarships and fellowships within the past few months. The following is a full list of the recipients and their honors:
Photo of former School of Nuclear Engineering building
Former School of Nuclear Engineering building

School of Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Jacob Halpern and James Welch III

School of Nuclear Engineering Teaching Fellowship

Wen Jiang and Lydia Lagari

Department of Energy (DOE) Graduate Fellowship

Tyler Ray

American Nuclear Society (ANS) Graduate Scholarship

Adam Darr

American Nuclear Society (ANS) Undergraduate Scholarship

Jacob Halpern and Tyler Lewis

George & Mabel Anderson Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Jacob Halpern

Frank Clikeman Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Jackson Cowan, Benjamin Giger, Taazhykan Kurumshieva, and Ryan Zerpa

Otto & Jenny Krauss Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Amber Gomez

Thomas Plein Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Jackson Cowan

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Graduate Fellowship

Bailey Christensen, Logan Joyce, David Kang, Oscar Lastres, and Charie Tsoukalas

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Undergraduate Scholarship

Nathan Audia, Troy Barlow, Trent Bloor, Liz Bramer, Jackson Cowan, Zachery Dahm, Sydney Grahovac, Madison Green, Jacob Halpern, Susan Huster, Tyler Lewis, Connor Meeks, Sophia Shick, and Ryan Smith

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Writer: Ashvini Malshe,

Source: The School of Nuclear Engineering,