Why Give to Nuclear Engineering?

Through Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University, the School of Nuclear Engineering will increase our pace of transformational innovation, supporting the College of Engineering’s bold strategic plan for a marked increase in our number of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and facility enhancements. Only through such growth will the Purdue family be able to realize our potential for impacting the world.

Your support in three key areas – undergraduate student scholarships, graduate fellowships, and professorships – will be critical in positioning Purdue at the forefront of advances in nuclear engineering. Our goals are bold, but the possibilities are limitless. Join us in transforming the future.

Undergraduate Student Scholarships

Students with the skills and drive to succeed in nuclear engineering are in demand. To meet our goal of increasing the number of students we serve by nearly 10 percent, scholarship support is crucial for attracting and recruiting high-achieving students.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate students poised at the brink of excellence have numerous opportunities. Fellowship support keeps the brightest stars in the Purdue family.


Without talented faculty, a classroom is just a room. To augment our teaching and research impact, we will increase our faculty positions by 30 percent, which will require significant support for endowed professorships.