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Milestone in the Doctoral Program

  • Selection of area of specialization and major professor
    • By the first day of the 1st semester
  • Identification of Thesis Topic
    • As early as possible
  • Preparation and approval of plan of study
    • By the end of the 3rd semester – required for 4th semester registration beginning Spring 2011
    • Completed electronically via MyPurdue
Must be approved by plan of study coordinator, all advisory committee members and
department graduate chair by the Friday prior to the start of the semester of expected graduation
Suggested submission early to avoid processing delay and removal from candidate list
  • Preliminary Examination
    • During the 4th semester after M.S.
    • During the 4th semester after the B.S. for the ‘Direct Ph.D.’
  • Preparation of the Ph.D. Thesis
  • Preparation of Scholarly Journal Paper
  • Defense of Ph.D. Thesis
    • Typically during the 6th semester after M.S.
    • Typically during the 7th semester after B.S. for the ‘Direct Ph.D.’
  • Completion of Exit Survey


To schedule your thesis defense or project report students must do the following:

  • Identify a date that works for all committee members
  • Submit the Graduate School Form 8; Graduate students can log into their MyPurdue account to find a link to the database to submit a form 8.
    • Minimum of 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense date
  • Submit Thesis or Report to all committee members at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense date
  • Reserve the Nuclear Engineering Conference Room with Student Service Office
    • Mention this is for a defense or final report to receive priority reservation