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Early Admission for Purdue Undergraduates and Graduates

Nuclear Engineering undergraduates at Purdue University may, with the approval of the department and the permission of the dean of the Graduate School, be admitted to the Graduate School in the session in which the baccalaureate degree is being completed. This program helps students to focus on their course work at and earlier stage, and most importantly, begin to become familiar with a research area and a particular research group in the School. This normally accelerates their graduate program significantly, and may provide the additional incentive of financial support during the undergraduate program if funds are available.

Early admission to the Graduate School usually is required only if the student is to receive a graduate staff appointment. If early admission is required, you must submit an application along with supporting documents at least two months prior to the desired session of entrance. Otherwise, early admission is not required for undergraduate students wishing to begin graduate study, since they may do so by requesting designation on Registrar's Form 350, of graduate courses as excess of baccalaureate requirements. This form is available from the Graduate Office and after completion should be submitted to the instructor of the course to be taken for graduate credit at the beginning of the academic session in which the course will be taught, indicating intent to earn graduate credit. The instructor must submit the form with the course grades at the end of the session, indicating successful completion at the graduate level. A maximum of 9 hours of graduate credit for such courses with grades of B or better will be granted only after the student has been awarded an undergraduate degree, achieved a minimum graduation index of 3.00, and obtained approval of the Nuclear Engineering Head.

Since it is desirable to plan well in advance, students who have had a 3.00 GPA and feel this program may meet their goals should seriously consider the program as early as possible and apply when eligible. Students are encouraged to discuss this possibility with various faculty members, choose their area of specialization, and begin their research during their junior or senior years.