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Lower Age: 8
Upper Age: 12
Price: $39.99
Year Added: 2021
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SMORE Magazine by Sandscreative is a fantastic quarterly magazine subscription that introduces science topics to kids of all ages.

This magazine is a fantastic gift for any young scientist, but those in the pre-teen age range would most appreciate it. For younger readers, an adult to help with more technical words would be beneficial (there are also glossaries to help with this). 

SMORE features everything that someone would expect a magazine subscription to have: editorials, reader contributions, and even recipes. The science focus allows for a fantastic introduction to various topics, including brain science, nutrition, and even physics. Some of these topics are on the verge of being high-level science. Not to worry, though; SMORE does a fantastic job of ensuring that each article explains its topic from the bottom up so that scientists of any age can understand it. Even without a solid introduction to the sciences, this magazine is accessible by everyone. It includes a variety of exciting topics that encourage readers to continue learning about these topics independently. 

This magazine is a fantastic compilation of many different topics and includes exciting activities and experiments with easy-to-source materials. It would be fantastic if editions of this magazine were released more frequently, but the content in a given edition does a great job of providing significant material, so there will be many topics to explore between subscriptions. 

This magazine encourages students to apply their science knowledge, learn about many exciting scientists, and investigate other fields. SMORE also does a fantastic job of introducing students to engineering-related technical writing in a way that students of all ages can understand. SMORE also encourages students to do independent research, catalyzing this by adding glossaries and bibliographies at the end of almost every article. By reading SMORE , children will better understand a myriad of different science topics and develop analysis and communication skills. 

Framework Categories

Communication related to Engineering (Comm-Engr)
Issues, Solutions, and Impacts (ISI)
Concepts of Engineers and Engineering (CEE)

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