Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships

Lower Age: 6
Upper Age: 8
Price: $59.99
Year Added: 2021
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Airships Model and Contents
Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships, by Osmo, is a game for children ages 6-8, or grades 1-2, to strengthen math, critical thinking, problem solving, and iterative design skills. This gift requires the Osmo base and an iPad or a Fire Tablet to download the Math Wizard app (be sure to check compatibility before purchasing, as many but not all devices are supported).

This gift includes two separate games that emphasize design and problem solving. The objective of the first game is to take information from a client to design an airship that can hold a specific weight of cargo. Children enhance their mathematical and problem solving skills by including the correct weight of cargo and number of balloons to design the perfect airship. The objective of the second game is to direct a robot through an obstacle course to a target. Children must use computational skills to navigate through the obstacle course. For each game, children must persevere through different challenges to unlock additional subgames.

Osmo sells multiple toys that go hand-in-hand with Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships. Each of these games, including Amazing Airships, is based on a curriculum. This means that the games included in Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships reinforce the same lessons learned in school for grades 1-2. Many children today use tablets as a form of entertainment, and Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships is a great way to allow children to learn while having fun with their tablets!

Framework Categories

Apply SEM Knowledge (SEM)
Engineering Thinking (EThink)
Processes of Design (POD)

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