Hubelino pi Marble Run Starter Set

Lower Age: 8
Upper Age: 99
Price: $119.99
Year Added: 2021
pi Marble Run Model
pi Marble Run Starter Set, by Hubelino, is a marble run building kit for children ages 8+. Item may be purchased from product website.

The 214-piece set includes a step-by-step illustrated manual, two base pieces and an assortment of support and track pieces. The manual has detailed visual instructions walking the user through the 18 steps to build the marble run. Despite being such an intricate build, the instructions are very easy to follow and comprehend. While the set only includes instructions for one marble run, the modular design leaves children free to use their imagination and design another one as they please. The pieces are also LEGO compatible, allowing for further creativity and design flexibility. The pieces are easy to connect and assemble so younger users should have no trouble building and designing on their own.

Hubelino pi is a great toy for children to build their spatial reasoning and creative thinking skills. When they design their own marble run, they also build their design and analysis/iterative skills. The large assortment of pieces allows for lots of creativity and hours of engineering fun. Hubelino pi is a great choice for marble run lovers of all ages!

Framework Categories

Spatial Reasoning
Engineering Thinking (EThink)

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