3D Arranging Game Varius

Lower Age: 3
Upper Age: 8
Website: https://bit.ly/varius21pc
Price: $29.99
Year Added: 2021
Varius Box
3D Arranging Game Varius, by Haba USA, is a colorful, sturdy building block kit designed for children three and up. Item may be purchased from product website.

This kit includes 21 wooden block pieces in tan, green, and blue, shaped like a letter v with the bottom cut off. It would be best to play with these blocks on a clean, flat surface. 

This set of blocks can be arranged flat on a surface or upwards to create various 2D and 3D designs. The fun of this set is how much imagination the user can bring to it. This set comes with very few inspiration designs, and allows the user to manipulate, stack, and lay out the bricks in various exciting ways. The "game" aspect of the name, however, may be misleading. This set does not have game elements, but is rather a set of building blocks. It may be best suited for younger children, as older children may find it too simple. However, the exciting shape of the blocks makes what the user can do with them far more interesting than typical blocks. In addition, it gives kids the opportunity to consider a lot more aspects of building than would be available with simple square blocks. 

This kit will help build spatial reasoning skills, as the strange shapes allow for different perspectives when looking at how the blocks can be put together. This kit also combines creative and logical thinking skills: users have to work to ensure the designs stay together but can create stunning and somewhat artistic designs with these blocks. Using the 3D Arranging Game Varius, children can develop better spatial reasoning, logical thinking, and creative thinking skills by creating interesting and beautiful structures with the provided blocks. 

Framework Categories

Spatial Reasoning

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