Student Spotlight: Rachel Snow

Rachael Snow is a junior in Industrial Engineering, currently studying at Tec de Monterrey Campus Querétaro in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. She is living with a host family in the city and has learned "a good deal
of Spanish" within the first two days of living with them. When asked about her best experiences so far, Rachael says, " I have loved seeing the city center- the aqueducts, museums, plazas, churches, and art!" In the future, she is planning on doing research abroad this summer and participating in part time work this semester in the study."I am in touch with several projects and am narrowing down the search, but the most appealing projects SO far have been related to computational neuroscience in Spain." 
The most significant piece of advice she has for current students is to use your network. "Ask Joe and Francisco about opportunities and ask professors if they know anyone abroad that might be interested in working with you!"

Written by: Sandra Bern for Purdue's GEARE spring, 2022