Spotlight: Duy Duong-Tran

Our spotlight on our IE Success stories from the grads themselves...


The number of neurons in a human brain is at the same order of magnitude (~9 Billions) as the number of stars in our galaxy. As Neil Armstrong took the giant leap for mankind - becoming the first human to step foot on the moon surface with the historic mission Appolo 11, interestingly Eugene Cernan (a US navy pilot known as "the last man on the moon") also completed his Alma mater at Purdue and US Naval Postgraduate school (the higher education institution of US Navy besides the US Naval Academy). 

As a Vietnamese American, I am proud to keep contributing to this great nation, whether academically or through improving the status-quo of Diversity-Equity-Inclusion. Looking forward, I am hopeful to set my own journey - inspired deeply by what we have known about the human brain. 

Thank you Purdue University , Purdue University College of Engineering , Purdue University School of Industrial Engineering for the 4 memorable years in my life. Next stop, I am excited to be part of University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (the first medical school established in the Ivy League and the US) as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from June 2022 before I officially take on the honor to become a tenure track Assistant Professor of Mathematics at United States Naval Academy (#1 Public Liberal Art College in the US in 2022 according to US news and ranking). 

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-Duy Duong-Tran PhD IE 2022

(First posted on LinkedIN and used with permission)