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IE undergrad internships offer exciting opportunities

Lauren Warner with crew of Disney's Sassagoula River Cruise.
Lauren Warner and the crew of Disney's Sassagoula River Cruise
Warner enjoyed her Disney World internship!
Warner enjoyed her Disney World internship!
IE undergrads not only get a great education and do undergraduate research, but have opportunities to do real-world internships in areas they’re interested in.

This semester, 6-8 IE undergrads will intern with Tesla, United Airlines, Disney, and other companies.

Senior IE student Lauren Warner spent eight months in 2015 interning at Disney World in Orlando, FL. “Disney was appealing because they hire a lot of Industrial Engineers and they are a global company with many subsidiary companies,” she says. 

“My role at Disney was Transportation Cast Member of Sassagoula River Cruise,” she continues. “We ferried guests from their resort to Downtown Disney, now Disney Springs, and back to their resort via boat. I gained useful knowledge about operations of a gigantic company. I learned about the day-to-day objectives that needed to be completed as well as some of the long-term goals that are required of Disney to maintain their top company status.”

Being a Disney intern gave Warner the idea of adding a minor to her IE degree. “Working for Disney has made me very strongly consider minoring in management,” she says.

“Companies seek Purdue IE interns because they know they’ll receive a motivated engineer who solves problems and adds value to any complex system,” says Dave Kotterman, Director of Industry Relations. “Companies use the internship period to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the students to confirm talent level, effectiveness and organizational fit, all at low risk and minor investment.”

Warner has some advice for IE students considering internships: “For future IEs that wish to intern at Disney, keep in mind that Disney treats their internship program much like colleges treat incoming school applications. Not everyone gets admitted their first time around. Realize that once you're in, you've accomplished no small feat. Take time and celebrate that you were just hired by Disney.”

Being an IE student opened the doors for Warner at Disney. She says, “Purdue IE is a fantastic program and I am so happy to be a part of it!”

IE students interested in internships should contact Senior Academic Administrator Dr. Patrick Brunese at for further information. Companies interested in establishing an internship with Purdue IE or becoming an IE corporate partner should contact Dave Kotterman, Director of Industry Relations, at