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Fly a plane with IIE

IIE Ambassadors teach 6th graders about industrial engineering
IIE Ambassadors teach 6th graders about industrial engineering
The Purdue Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) helped host local 6th graders during a campus STEM tour on April 7. IIE students worked with the elementary students to make paper planes in an assembly line, then tested them to see which ones worked best to optimize processes.

“We want to show what industrial engineering is by explaining simple concepts that encompass [IE],” says Maria Sofia Smith, Ambassador Director of IIE. “I think it’s truly beneficial to learn what engineering and IE is early on because it can really encourage these kids to be interested in STEM and take classes early…to have the tools to succeed.”

IIE Ambassadors Tyler Grooms, Pam Yuan, and Nik Doukas participated, among others. The tour was organized by the Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi, to introduce elementary children early to engineering. Students from other Purdue engineering disciplines also participated.

Girls fold paper airplanes in an assembly line Testing paper airplanes IIE Ambassadors Tyler Grooms, Pam Yuan & Nik Doukas