Student Travel Support

Graduate student postersThe IE school frequently receives requests to provide financial support for students to attend professional conferences. Instead of handling each case individually, the School has a policy that applies to all major conferences in the areas of interest to IE faculty/students (OR, Human Factors, Manufacturing and Production/Systems).

Rationale: Promoting student participation in conferences is important on several fronts: 1) it helps build the student's research credentials, 2) it helps students be visible and make professional contacts, 3) it promotes faculty and research done at Purdue, and 4) perhaps most importantly for the school, students are the best ambassadors for the school - to promote our name and ranking.

Policy: The IE School will support IE students with accepted papers or talks at major disciplinary conferences on a “1/3-1/3-1/3” (student-faculty-department) basis, up to $400 per student per conference, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The student must have an accepted paper and/or be a lead presenter at the conference. If a paper has multiple student authors, the school will only support travel for one of them.
  2. The student must submit a trip request before the conference identifying the source of faculty support and estimated trip costs. This trip request must be submitted two weeks prior to departure and be approved by the IE Business Office and the faculty advisor.
  3. When feasible, students will minimize overall cost by coordinating transportation, sharing lodging, volunteering for conference support, etc.
  4. School support = min(faculty advisor support, 1/3rd of the total cost, $400). If external funding is available, it will first be used to offset the student’s portion of the travel costs. Any remaining external funding will reduce the total cost of the trip, thereby equally reducing the support from the faculty advisor and the School.
  5. After the conference, the student must prepare a poster on the paper presented, for display on the school website or in the building (electronic template available). The student must submit this poster to IE Managing Director Steve Duket.
  6. Faculty support can come from research funds, start-up funds, or other discretionary accounts controlled by the faculty advisor.
  7. Faculty advisors will be encouraged to provide more than 1/3rd support if they have funds to support the activity.

IE Managing Director Steve Duket and the School Business Office will manage the approval and reimbursement process.