Space Assignments and Conference Rooms

Assigned resident spaceFaculty offices & open spaceIE’s home, Grissom Hall, has been designed with enclosed faculty offices, open resident spaces, open mobile stations, and many common areas. Provided resident space is available for 2nd through 5th year PhD students who are on campus without other space are assigned resident spaces where they can work and store their research materials. If resident space is not available these students are put on a waiting list and allowed to use mobile spaces until resident space becomes available. (Note: some resident space is reserved for visitors.) Priority for resident space is based on on-campus tenure.

While there are a few isolated exceptions for some faculty research laboratories, first year PhD students and Masters students are mobile users. They are allowed to use any of the mobile (or “touchdown”) stations on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Grissom Hall on a first come, first-served basis. If desired, they will be assigned lockers to store their materials when not in use.

Touchdown spaces Lockers Another touchdown space

Mobile spaces are designed for shared use; students should vacate the space and let others use it if they will be gone for more than one hour. In that case, they should make use of their locker and select another mobile space upon their return.

Small conference roomAs Grissom Hall is a relatively open environment, conversations in the halls and around the workstations should be kept to a minimum. Many conferencing and smaller spaces are available for private conversations and group meetings. 

Please contact IE Director of Operations Leza Dellinger if you need access to any of these spaces.

Conference areas (large and small) are NOT designed for private study. Rather, they are designed for private conversations and group meetings. Please limit you use to these activities, which should be no longer than one hour in length.