PhD Final Examination Guidelines

To earn a Purdue IE PhD, it is necessary to pass a Final Examination. PhD research must be a significant, unique contribution to the field of industrial engineering, and should provide an important scholarly experience for the student. The subject matter of the dissertation should lead to one or more peer-reviewed journal publications. In addition, the Ph.D. dissertation must meet all the requirements of the Graduate School.

Prior to the Final Examination

Before scheduling the final examination, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • At least two academic terms of registration devoted to research and writing must elapse between the preliminary and final doctoral examinations.
  • If needed, Change to Plan of Study must be completed and fully approved at least one week prior to the start of the term in which the final exam will be taken;
  • Student must be registered for the term in which the final exam will be taken;
  • Student must declare graduation candidacy unless the thesis won’t be deposited until the following semester;
  • Submit a formal dissertation document to each member of the Final Examination Committee at least three weeks prior to the scheduled oral final examination.

Scheduling the Final Examination

Student Responcibilities:

A student must contact  the IE Graduate Office at least three weeks prior to the proposed date of their exam to complete scheduling.

  • Send a scheduling request via email to the IE Graduate Office including:
    • Examination date and time
    • Date and time of your seminar (preferably on the same day)
    • Documentation of the committee’s agreement on examination and seminar date and time (e.g., email copy or Doodle screenshot)
    • Dissertation title for the examination
    • Dissertation title and abstract (300-400 words) for the seminar flyer
    • Copy of dissertation draft in PDF 
  • If opting to use Zoom, the student will provide the Zoom link to the IE Graduate Office; the student will be the host and facilitator. Proper virtual meeting etiquette is expected.
  • To view deadlines administered by the Graduate School, see the Graduate School Deadline Calendar.
  • Note: IE graduate students must take the final examination at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE the Graduate School’s deadline in order to obtain signatures by the deadline.
  • Complete the Graduate School Exit Questionnaire before the final exam.
  • Contact the IE Graduate Office directly if you need the Head’s signature on any documents. DO NOT contact the IE Head.

IE Grad Office Responcibilities:

  • The IE Graduate Office will reserve a room for the exam.
  • The IE Graduate Office will initiate the form 8 in the Graduate School Plan of Study Generator on behalf of the student once the student provides the necessary details listed above.
  • The IE Graduate Office will remind committee members about upcoming examinations.
  • The IE Graduate Office will follow up with the IE Head if their signature is needed on any forms.

Dissertation Deposit

The Thesis & Dissertation Office requires an electronic thesis acceptance form (ETAF). For more information on ETAF and thesis/dissertation deposit, see the  Thesis/Dissertation Office.

The student must also submit a handbound, printed copy of their dissertation to the School of Industrial Engineering Graduate Office.For printing and binding information, contact Purdue Print and Digital Services by emailing or calling 765-494-2006.