PhD Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

By the middle of the first semester of study (9 to 15 credit-hours of regular graduate course work), a major professor and an Advisory Committee of three members should be selected. The major professor and at least one other member of the committee must be from the School of Industrial Engineering. At least one member should be a representative of the related area in the plan of study which is outside the School of industrial engineering. Courtesy appointments are classified as outside members. The major professor/graduate student relationship must be a mutually acceptable one. The major professor will serve as the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee and direct the research study. To facilitate the selection of an Advisory Committee, students should discuss their educational objectives with several members of the faculty within the first six weeks on campus. A list of the faculty and their research interests can be found here.

The Advisory Committee Composition Requirements:

  • Shall consist of at least four members, at least three of whom must be members of the regular graduate faculty
  • The committee chair must be from the School of Industrial Engineering;
  • The committee can include one major professor or two co-major professors, who is/are the chair or cochairs of the advisory committee;
  • Include at least one member other than the major professor from the School of Industrial Engineering;
  • Include at least one member from outside the field of industrial engineering. Faculty with a courtesy appointment in the School of Industrial Engineering are classified as outside members. Committee members may also come from outside of Purdue, as necessary
  • At least 51% of the committee members must have regular graduate faculty certification.