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The specific courses offered during a given term may vary from year to year depending upon student demand and faculty availability. See myPurdue Schedule of Classes for the final class schedule.

Course Fall
Quality Control IE 530 IE 530
Reliability IE 532  
Industrial Applications of Statistics   IE 533
Linear Programming IE 535  
Stochastic Models in Operations Research I   IE 536
Discrete Optimization Models   IE 537
Nonlinear Optimization Models IE 538  
Stochastic Service Systems IE 539  
Engineering Economic Analysis IE 545  
Economic Decisions in Engineering   IE 546
Knowledge-Based Systems   IE 548
Job Design   IE 556
Safety Engineering IE 558  
Cognitive Engineering of Interactive Software IE 559  
Production Management Control IE 566 IE 566
Manufacturing Process Engineering IE 570 IE 570
Precision Manufacturing Systems   IE 572
Industrial Robotics   IE 574
Computer Aided Manufacturing I IE 575 IE 575
Human Factors IE 577 IE 577
Advanced Production Control IE 579  
Systems Simulation IE 580  
Simulation Design and Analysis   IE 581
Advanced Facilities Design IE 582  
Design and Evaluation of Material Handling System   IE 583
Multiple Objective Optimization IE 630  
Heuristic Optimization
(Alternate Years)
IE 631  
Scheduling Models   IE 632
Dynamic Programming   IE 633
Integer Programming IE 634  
Theoretical Foundations in Optimization IE 635  
Stochastic Models in Operations Research II
(Alternate Years)
IE 636  
Computational Methods for Queueing Networks   IE 637
Engineering and Technological Forecasting Methods IE 638  
Combinatorial Optimization IE 639  
Network Simulation Languages   IE 640
Advanced Decision Theory IE 646  
Research Seminar in Human Factors IE 656  
Human Aspects in Computing   IE 659
Production Management Analysis   IE 666
Advanced Topics in Manufacturing Engineering   IE 670
Automatic Manufacturing Systems
(Alternate Years)
IE 672  
Computer and Communication Methods For Production Control IE 674  
Computer Aided Manufacturing II   IE 675
Flexible Manufacturing Systems   IE 676
Advanced Simulation Design and Analysis IE 680  
Theory of Modeling and Simulation
(Alternate Years)
IE 681