Following My Passion Into the Start-up Industry

Author: Alexis Wang
Event Date: February 18, 2020
When sharing my background, I always start with the facts. “I have over 5 years of material science research experience in school, and I graduated from Northwestern University with a master’s degree.” You might subconsciously think that’s the end of the story - that my career path is outlined already. Nevertheless, it has been amazing to see people’s reactions when I proudly tell them that I left the engineering life in order to succeed in B2B/B2C sales and that I now devote my full passion to the startup industry. Yes, I made the risky decision to let go of my years of persistence in R&D and took a new journey to discover my potential. However, great things never come from the comfort zone.

When I was lost at the crossroad with uncertainties, I taught myself how to be transparent and honest with my own heart. I knew I wasn’t ready to dedicate my whole life to a lab, and I enjoy talking to human beings rather than equipment. Subsequently, I found Purdue’s MEM program that provided me with a much clearer vision on how to integrate my technical background seamlessly with my communication talent. A year of practical learning at Purdue ultimately prepared my mindset to work as an engineer and think like a businesswoman. Hence I returned to the Semiconductor Industry as a Sales Engineer to prove that my decision was right.

After 2.5 years in that sector, I again asked myself if I was ready to stay in the industry and continue my path. Did I truly have my full passion in my job? The answer was “NO.” There was not even a hesitation because I cannot forget that I am a challenger. A stable job can easily fool us to the point that we don’t even realize when we lose our creativity, passion, and curiosity in life. My goal of continuously growing my potential has never changed, and the key to achieving that goal is to step out of my own comfort zone. Soon after this revelation, I quickly started my new journey with VeoRide Inc., a shared micro-mobility startup co-founded by Purdue Alumni. It is amazing to see how fast a startup can grow its business in a newborn industry. At Veo, we are believers and fighters. We team up and contribute our best. I’m glad to join this group of young, motivated minds to generate success using my past knowledge and experience, and I am proud to be part of the family marching toward the same goal.