Dominique Oden — balancing athletics and academics

Purdue Women's Basketball shooting guard and Lyles School of Civil Engineering senior Dominique Oden said when choosing which university she would play basketball for, the most important thing to her was whether they had the major she wanted to pursue.

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Current year: Senior

Dominique Oden is the starting shooting guard on the Purdue Women’s Basketball team.

Why I chose Purdue Civil Engineering

When choosing which university I would play basketball for, the most important thing to me — more than the strength of their athletics programs — was whether they had the major I wanted to pursue. My uncle is an architect, so I first thought that was something I wanted to do as well, but the more I learned about civil engineering — especially architectural engineering — the more I thought this would be the perfect fit for me. I love math and science and civil engineering offers me plenty of opportunities to use both every day.

Emphasis area

My emphasis area is in architectural engineering. Like I said, my uncle’s career as an architect first sparked my interest in the field. But, as I learned more about civil engineering what I could do professionally, I felt like this was a much better fit. I love the idea of designing structures and I want to be part of a team responsible for creating something incredible. Bridges in particular are something I’d love to design someday.

Dominque said it has been a challenge to balance her academic and athletic commitments, but the care and support she has received from both faculty and her coaches have certainly made it easier.

Purdue Women's Basketball

I am the starting shooting guard on the Purdue University Women's Basketball team. Basketball has been a part of my life since I was around seven years old. I've always loved it and I was excited to hear that Purdue was interested in recruiting me. Now, in my season with the team, I am so thankful I chose to come here to play. The players and coaches are like a second family to me and I have so many wonderful memories playing with them.

After I graduate

After I graduate in May, I plan to pursue my Master's degree. I want to deepen my understanding of all things civil engineering — particularly, architectural and structural engineering. And, as much as I love and cherish my time on the basketball team, I am excited to have the chance to fully dedicate my time and energy toward pursuing my educational and professional goals.

During one of Dominique’s internships, she conducted building condition assessments at Mackey Arena.