CE408 - Geographic Information Systems for Engineering

The overall objective of this course is to further strengthen the knowledge on GIS and introduce digital mapping based on previous knowledge on surveying and mapping, and GIS. Particularly, the successful completion of this course will enable students

  • Comprehend knowledge of geographic data
  • Integrate data collected from different sources
  • Use popular GIS software to design and produce maps
  • Use popular GIS software to conduct GIS analyses

CE 597 Geographic Information Systems

Note: This course is offered in EVEN years for off-campus students. Off-campus students should visit https://engineering.purdue.edu/ProEd/ for registration.  It is offered every year for on-campus students.

It covers basic GIS theory and practices as well as advanced topics for enhancement. ArcGIS and its extensions will be discussed in depth and used extensively. The course will address the following topics:

  • Raster data model
  • Terrain characteristics
  • Watershed and viewshed analyses
  • 3-D visualization
  • Vector data model and topology
  • Multi layer spatial analysis and site selection
  • Network modeling and analysis
  • Web GIS and Internet mapping
  • Geospatial database
  • Object-relational model
  • Prime geostatistics