Transfer Credit Limit Policy

In Spring 2012, the faculty of School of Civil Engineering approved a new policy regarding the limitation of transfer credit. This policy will take effect as of the Fall 2012 semester.

The new policy can be summarized as follows:

  • A maximum of ten (10) credit hours from another university or a regional campus may be used as approved substitutes for core CE courses at the 30000 or higher level or as approved technical electives.

What courses does this policy apply to?

A core course in Civil Engineering is defined to be any course required for graduation with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering that is not specifically required by the First Year Engineering program. Note that this list of courses may change as curriculum modifications occur.

The current (Fall 2012) core courses at the 30000 or higher level in Civil Engineering are as follows:

  • CE 33500
  • CE 34000
  • CE 34300
  • CE 39201
  • CE 39800
  • CE 49800  (this course must be taken at the West Lafayette campus your last semester)

CE students must complete thirty (30) credits of technical electives. The technical elective plan of study must be consistent with career objectives. See Technical Elective Policy for further details.