CE Academic Support

Shiva Haghighi Student Success Center– HAMP 1115

Teaching Assistant Schedule – See center for hours, help available for CE29700, CE29800 and CE34000.

Assistance with Academic Issues

Academic support and resources are offered by many offices across campus. A few popular sites for CE students are:

  • Continuing Education-Distance Learning – Interested in taking an online course? This is where to start your search.
  • Financial Aid – The Division of Financial Aid office can provide assistance with many issues related to aid packages, loans, etc.
  • Industry Opportunities & Career Placement
  • Key Undergraduate Advisors – Need to discuss major or minor requirements for another program? Information on this link can help you find who to contact in undergraduate advising offices across campus.
  • Purdue Transfer Credit Database – Considering taking a course elsewhere? Do your homework first to ensure how the course will transfer by searching Credit Evaluation's database of college courses that transfer to Purdue.
  • Testing Center – Coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students; click to learn more about Advanced Credit Exams, exams given by departments, CLEP, etc.

The following duties are assigned to a specific advisor. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate advisor by clicking on your desired topic below. When scheduling appointment, make certain to note the reason for your visit.

  • CODO into Civil Engineering – Julie Jesiek
  • Study Abroad (Semester long) – Marty Lah
  • Undistributed Transfer Credit – Julie Jesiek
  • Scholarships – Julie Jesiek