Current Undergraduate Students

As a Civil Engineering undergraduate student you have many opportunities to plan your curriculum and even more opportunities to build your future in civil engineering!

CE concrete canoe team

CE Concrete Canoe Team

You can explore the nine areas of study within civil engineering along with selecting the courses to design your own plan of study. You and your advisor can discuss your career goals to tailor a program to meet your goals. See our curriculum flow charts for a glimpse of the courses you can choose within these areas of civil engineering.

You have many choices that await you here at Purdue

Meet some of our CE students who have studied abroad. Hear about their exciting adventures in the UK. In this global Study Abroad program you may find yourself in New Zealand, Australia, or Germany.

Learn more about competition by joining student organizations such as ASCE to meet other civil engineering students while building concrete canoes or bridges. Attend conferences and work together on projects where you are actually having fun!

Get involved in undergraduate research. Find out how you can be part of a published paper or an exciting project. Have the opportunity to work side by side with some of our outstanding faculty. The School of Civil Engineering's State-of-the-art research facilities include more than 20 research and teaching laboratories, two large computer laboratories, and classrooms.

Lastly, take advantage of the numerous job opportunities out there for civil engineering students and graduates. Visit our Industry Opportunities web site to find out who is looking for an intern or join our Co-Op program. Drop by the office of industrial relations to talk about your career goals. You will gain valuable experience and be a step ahead as you look for that excellent job opportunity.