CODOing into the School of Civil Engineering

To be eligible to CODO into Civil Engineering, a student must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • A minimum of 24 credits (all FYE courses must have a min. grade of C- ), required courses:
    1. Calculus I: (MA16100 or MA16500)
    2. Calculus II: (MA 16200 or MA 16600)
    3. Calculus-based Chemistry: (CHM 11500 or equivalent)
    4. Calculus-based Physics: (PHYS 17200)
  • The remaining credits to meet or exceed 24 credits may be comprised from the following options and must include at least one English Composition, Speech or CE general education elective course:
    1. Science Elective: Chemistry II (CHM 11600) or CS15900 (we prefer that CE students complete CHM11600 but will allow CS15900 as long as they are not pursuing the environmental area)
    2. English Composition (ENGL10600, ENGL10800, or transfer equivalent)
    3. Speech (COM 11400)
    4. CE general education elective
    5. Transforming Ideas to Innovations I: (ENFY 13100)  (ENGR13100 prior to Fall 2020)
    6. Transforming Ideas to Innovations II: (ENFY 13200) (ENGR 13200 prior to Fall 2020)
  • A student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5. On a case by case basis we may allow a CODO GPA instead of a cumulative which would include all current grades for courses pertinent to the civil curriculum.
  • Student shall be in good academic standing (not on probation) at the time of CODO.
  • Availability of physical facilities and other resource limitations shall determine the number of students that may be accepted for transfer into the program at any given time. Students who apply for CODO and are denied because of space limitations may reapply.

Timing: CODO Deadlines

This process is now online, please initiate a CODO with your current academic advisor. CODOs during week 1 and 2 will be considered for current term then they move on to the next term.  We accept students for conditional codo as well.  

How to make a CODO Appointment

Students considering a CODO (change of degree objective, or change of curricula) into Civil Engineering can meet with a CE advisor during a "CODO appointment" to discuss requirements and the details of their records.

Sign up for a CE CODO appointment (Julie Jesiek or Marty Lah) using the other engineering link in Boiler Connect.  If outside of Engineering please stop by the CE main office to schedule an appointment (HAMP1141) with an advisor.