Structural Engineering

What gives an engineer confidence to project and build something as large and graceful as the Golden Gate Bridge (the creation of late Purdue professor Charles A. Ellis) knowing that it has to withstand the demands of gravity, wind, and earthquakes?

Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

Why did Gaudi think of the Sagrada Familia “upside-down” before he started building it?

Sagrada Familia
The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain (inverted model on the left, actual structure on the right)

Who decides how much reinforcing steel goes into a reinforced concrete column supporting 100 floors in a skyscraper? And how do they make that decision?

How far apart can we place the supports of steel girders in our bridges?

If these questions spark your interest, if you would like to test to failure structural models in one of the largest laboratories in the country, then structural engineering is the right career choice for you. Join Purdue’s School Civil Engineering and enroll in structural engineering courses to leave a mark that will benefit and inspire many, and last the test of time as the Golden Gate has.


March 30, 2016

Chris Williams selected as 2016 ASCE ExCEEd Fellow

Chris Williams, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, participated in the 2016 ASCE ExCEEd Teaching Workshop at Florida Gulf Coast University on June 19-24, 2016. He presented three classes during the workshop.
December 15, 2015

Purdue student team wins 2015 international bridge competition

Purdue CE students Aishwarya Puranam, Lucas Laughery, and William Pollalis represented Purdue in the 9th International Bridge Contest. They competed against 11 teams from around the globe, and Purdue placed first in the competition for the fifth time in six years.
November 6, 2015

2016 Iron & Steel Preservation Conference and Workshop

The S-BRITE Center is hosting the Iron & Steel Preservation Conference and Workshop in May 2016. Registration is now open. Click here to learn more about technical presentations and hands-on experiences. CEU/PDH's are available for all participants.
August 19, 2015

Professor Connor's Team Instruments I-65 Bridge

Real-time sensors were installed on the Interstate 65 bridge over Wildcat Creek last week. Purdue engineer Jason Lloyd showed News 18 what those sensors look like and exactly what data they collect.
August 5, 2015

Dr. Pujol appointed Academic Director for Research Computing

Dr. Santiago Pujol has accepted the appointment of Academic Director for Research Computing. Dr. Pujol will provide faculty perspective, vision and direction for Purdue’s activities around cyberinfrastructure for research especially the HUBzero platform and the community cluster program.
August 5, 2015

Prof. Dyke invited as keynote speaker at international structures conferences

Prof. Shirley J. Dyke was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at both the 7th International Conference SHMII in Torino, Italy, July 1-3, 2015, and the 6th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering & 11th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology held jointly at the University of Illinois, August 1-2, 2015.
August 5, 2015

CE grad students present at international structures conference

Several graduate students from the Lyles School of Civil Engineering made presentations on their research during the 6th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering & 11th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology held jointly at the University of Illinois, August 1-2, 2015.
July 29, 2015

S-BRITE site provides hands-on experience for students

Down the road from the Bowen Laboratory and on a dirt path nestled in the woods, is a fenced-in area that houses the S-BRITE (Steel Bridge Research, Inspection, Training, and Engineering) center for civil engineering students.
June 9, 2015

Data-Driven Model/Damage Identification Workshop

A workshop was held at Bowen Laboratory June 7-8 to bring together an interdisciplinary group of experts in the area of data-driven modeling methods, especially those that focus on nonlinear system/model identification and damage detection to share experiences and foster opportunities.
April 17, 2015

S-BRITE Receives Steel Truss Bridge

Here is a a quick look at the anticipated delivery of a 1937 truss bridge originating from Michigan. The trusses will be setup later this spring for use at Purdue University's Steel Bridge Research, Inspection, Training, and Engineering Center (S-BRITE) located outside of campus. The S-BRITE Center is under the direction of Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Robert Connor.
April 8, 2015

CE undergrad receives NSF Fellowship

Civil Engineering undergraduate student Alana Wilbee was named a recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship for the 2015 award year. Alana was selected for this honor among over 16,500 applicants.
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