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Geomatics Engineering Faculty Members

James Bethel
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-6719
Melba Crawford
Professor of Agronomy and Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS)
(765) 496-3224
Wolfgang Foerstner
Edward M. Curtis Visiting Professor
(765) 494-2217
Ayman Habib
Professor of Civil Engineering, Co-Director of the Civil Engineering Center for Applications of UAS for a Sustainable Environment (CE-CAUSE), and Associate Director of the Joint Transportation Research Program
(765) 496-0173
Daniele Perissin
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
(765) 496-1267
Jie Shan
Professor of Civil Engineering and Affiliate of Environmental and Ecological Engineering
(765) 494-2168

Geomatics Engineering Staff Members

Katharine Zehr
(765) 494-2204