Mobile Mapping Systems
Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS) can be defined as moving platforms upon which multiple sensors and measurement systems have been integrated to provide three-dimensional near-continuous positioning of both the platform’s path in space and simultaneously collected geo-spatial data.
  Photogrammetry/GIS Integration
Photogrammetry has been traditionally defined as the art and science of deriving three-dimensional information from imagery. As for the GIS it can be seen as a system of hardware, software, and procedures designed to support the capture, management, manipulation, analysis, modeling, and display of spatially referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems.
  Medical Imaging Applications
Successfully registered medical images can provide medical workers with a quantitative and visual tool for studying diseases or injuries, and for helping with the detection and treatment in patients. They have also become more widely used in surgical planning.
  Automated Matching Using Modified Iterated Hough Transform
The most visible phenomenon characterizing technical developments in various research fields is the flux of an enormous amount of data from digital sensors. In the last two decades, the main research emphasis had been in the area of sensor development and modeling. Now that the sensors are operational, the research is shifting towards focusing on optimal manipulation of available data to produce needed information for various decision making activities.

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