The Digital Photogrammetry Research Group

The Digital Photogrammetry Research Group (DPRG), led by Dr. Ayman Habib, aims at becoming an acknowledged world-class center for education and research in the field of photogrammetry. As a part of its mission, the group looks to produce outstanding graduates who are well-prepared for successful careers in research as well as photogrammetry and Geospatial Information System (GIS) industries.

DPRG fosters close links with local and international photogrammetry and GIS communities in order to provide its members with the tools and experience needed to forge a successful path in these fields. Our team also collaborates heavily with academics and professionals across a wide range of industries in order to apply photogrammetry expertise in many new fields.

DPRG is constantly innovating by providing custom built UAV and wheel-based mobile mapping systems capable of providing high quality data products for a wide variety of users. Custom hardware and software solutions, high spatial and temporal resolution data, and reliable calibration are all part of the DPRG philosophy.


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